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Title: Quorn® (Marlow)
Additional Names: Myco-protein
Literature References: High protein, meat substitute derived from the biomass of the filamentous fungus, Fusarium graminearum (Schwabe). Description of production: J. Edelman et al., Nutr. Abstr. Rev. 53, 471 (1983). See also: R. A. Marsh, US 4555485 (1985 to Ranks Hovis McDougall). Nutritional profile: M. Sadler, Nutr. Food Sci. 112, 9 (1988). Metabolic study in comparison with meat: W. H. Turnbull et al., Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 52, 646 (1990). Effect on blood lipids: eidem, ibid. 55, 415 (1992). Review: A. P. J. Trinci, Mycol. Res. 96, 1-13 (1992).
Properties: Very mild, wheaty taste; slight aroma of mushrooms. Fibrous texture resembling that of meat.
Use: Meat substitute.

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