Potassium Percarbonate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Potassium Percarbonate
CAS Registry Number: 589-97-9
Molecular Formula: C2K2O6
Molecular Weight: 198.21
Percent Composition: C 12.12%, K 39.45%, O 48.43%
Line Formula: K2C2O6
Literature References: Prepn of practically anhydr compd: Partington, Fathallah, J. Chem. Soc. 1950, 1934.
Derivative Type: Monohydrate
Properties: White, granular mass. Sol in water with evolution of oxygen. One part potassium percarbonate is sol in 15 parts of cold water; dec in boiling water; 100 parts water dissolve 6.5 parts potassium percarbonate at ordinary temp. Keep dry and protected from light.
CAUTION: Strong irritant. Causes vomiting if swallowed. Large quantities can be fatal.
Use: Has been used in microscopy for detecting tubercle bacilli stained with fuchsin in smears; in photography under the name Anti-hypo, to remove last traces of sodium thiosulfate; also as oxidizing agent in chem analyses, but is no longer favored.

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