Polymerized Pyridoxylated Hemoglobin
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Title: Polymerized Pyridoxylated Hemoglobin
Additional Names: Poly SFH-P
Trademarks: PolyHeme (Northfield)
Literature References: Acellular oxygen carrier consisting of pyridoxylated, stroma-free hemoglobin polymerized with glutaraldehyde. Average mol wt 150 kDa. Prepn and oxygen-carrying capacity: L. R. Sehgal et al., Prog. Clin. Biol. Res. 122, 19 (1983); eidem, Surgery 95, 433 (1984). Pharmacology: S. A. Gould et al., Ann. Emerg. Med. 15, 1416 (1986). Clinical trial in acute blood loss: idem et al., J. Am. Coll. Surg. 187, 113 (1998). Review of clinical development: S. A. Gould, G. S. Moss, World J. Surg. 20, 1200-1207 (1996).
Properties: Prepd as solution containing 12-14 g hemoglobin/dl. Oxygen-carrying capacity: 16-19 vol%. Binding coefficient (ml O2/g Hb): 1.30. Colloid osmotic pressure: 20-25 mm Hg.
Therap-Cat: Blood substitute.
Keywords: Blood Substitute.

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