Plantago Seed
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Title: Plantago Seed
Additional Names: Psyllium seed; plantain seed; flea seed
Literature References: Seed from Plantago ovata Forsk., Plantaginaceae, known as blond or Indian plantago seed, P. psyllium L. known as Spanish psyllium seed, or P. indica L. (P. arenaria Waldst. & Kit.) known as French psyllium seed. Habit. Mediterranean countries, India. Cultivated in India, Pakistan, France. Psyllium husk is the epidermis from seeds of any of the above plantago species; Ispaghula husk refers specifically to the epidermis of P. ovata seeds. The husk contains a water-soluble mucilage consisting of a highly branched, acidic arabinoxylan: J. F. Kennedy et al., Carbohydr. Res. 75, 265 (1979). Use in chronic constipation: M. Borgia et al., J. Int. Med. Res. 11, 124 (1983). Review: J. N. BeMiller in Industrial Gums, R. L. Whistler, Ed. (Academic Press, New York, 2nd ed., 1973) pp 345-354. Review of therapeutic potential in reducing blood cholesterol: H. Lipsky et al., J. Clin. Pharmacol. 30, 699-703 (1990).
Properties: Small, dark reddish-brown, odorless, almost tasteless seeds. Mixed with an equal bulk of water, forms a mucilaginous mass.
Derivative Type: Ispaghula husk
Trademarks: Fibrolax (Gipharmex); Fybozest (Reckitt Benckiser); Fybogel (Reckitt Benckiser); Isogel (Charwell); Regulan (Procter & Gamble)
Derivative Type: Psyllium hydrophylic mucilloid
CAS Registry Number: 8063-16-9
Additional Names: Psyllium hydrocolloid; psyllium seed gum
Trademarks: Effer-Syllium (J & J-Merck); Fiberall (Novartis); Metamucil (Procter & Gamble); Perdiem Fiber (RPR); Serutan (Menley & James)
Properties: Obtained from epidermis of P. ovata seeds. White to cream-colored, slightly granular powder. Slightly acid taste; little or no odor.
Therap-Cat: Laxative.

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