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Title: Phensuximide
CAS Registry Number: 86-34-0
CAS Name: 1-Methyl-3-phenyl-2,5-pyrrolidinedione
Additional Names: N-methyl-2-phenylsuccinimide; N-methyl-a-phenylsuccinimide
Trademarks: Milontin (Warner-Lambert)
Molecular Formula: C11H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 189.21
Percent Composition: C 69.83%, H 5.86%, N 7.40%, O 16.91%
Literature References: Prepd by the action of methylamine on phenylsuccinic acid: Miller, Long, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 73, 4895 (1951); US 2643258 (1953 to Parke, Davis). Toxicity study: Chen, Ensor, J. Lab. Clin. Med. 41, 78 (1953).
Properties: Fine crystals from hot 95% ethanol, mp 71-73°. Slightly sol in water (about 4.2 mg/ml at 25°). Readily sol in methanol, ethanol. Aq solns are fairly stable at pH 2-8, but hydrolysis sets in under more alkaline conditions. LD50 orally in mice: 960 mg/kg (Chen, Ensor).
Melting point: mp 71-73°
Toxicity data: LD50 orally in mice: 960 mg/kg (Chen, Ensor)
Therap-Cat: Anticonvulsant.
Keywords: Anticonvulsant.

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