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Title: Parotin
CAS Registry Number: 1392-81-0
Literature References: Salivary gland hormone; protein of globulin nature having an isoelectric point of pH 5.7. Produced by the parotid gland. Structure studies: Ito et al., Endocrinol. Jpn. 12, 249 (1966); Shimasaki et al., ibid. 14, 11 (1967). Generally acts on the mesenchymal tissues, esp the hard and connective tissues, to promote their development and growth. Also has a protein-anabolic function. Hypocalcemic and leukocytosis-promoting activities: Ito et al., ibid. 12, 298 (1966). Reviews: Yosoji Ito, J. Jpn. Biochem. Soc. 25, 143-164 (1953); Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 85, art. 1, 228-310 (1960).

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