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Title: Pamabrom
CAS Registry Number: 606-04-2
CAS Name: 8-Bromo-3,7-dihydro-1,3-dimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione compd with 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (1:1)
Additional Names: 8-bromotheophylline compd with 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (1:1); 2-amino-2-methyl-2-propanol 8-bromotheophyllinate
Molecular Formula: C11H18BrN5O3
Molecular Weight: 348.20
Percent Composition: C 37.94%, H 5.21%, Br 22.95%, N 20.11%, O 13.78%
Literature References: Prepn from 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and 8-bromotheophylline: J. M. Holbert, I. W. Grote, US 2711411 (1955 to Chattanooga Med.). Prepn and diuretic activity: J. M. Holbert et al., J. Am. Pharm. Assoc. Sci. Ed. 44, 355 (1955).
Properties: Fine white powder, dec 300°. Soly in water >30 g/100 ml at 25°. pH of satd aq soln 8.0-8.5.
Derivative Type: Mixture with acetaminophen and pyrilamine maleate
Trademarks: Midol PMS (Miles); Premsyn PMS (Chattem); Sunril (Emko)
Therap-Cat: Diuretic.
Keywords: Diuretic; Purines.

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