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Title: Orlon® (DuPont)
Additional Names: Polyacrylonitrile
Trademarks: Fiber A
Literature References: Obtained by polymerizing acrylonitrile. Review of prepn, properties, and uses: R. W. Moncrieff, Man-Made Fibres (John Wiley, New York, 1963) pp 446-467.
Properties: White fiber. Sticks at 235°. Ironing temps above 160° may cause yellowing. Sp gr 1.17. Flammability similar to that of rayon and cotton. Generally has very good resistance to mineral acids; excellent resistance to common solvents, oils, greases, neutral salts, sunlight; fairly good resistance to weak alkalies but is degraded by strong alkalies. Resists attack by molds, mildew, insects. 100% polyacrylonitrile fibers rarely used commercially due to difficulty in dyeing.
Use: Fiber suitable for outdoor furnishings (awnings, tents, outdoor furniture), indoor furnishings, anode bags in electroplating, knitwear, rugs.

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