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Title: Orcinol
CAS Registry Number: 504-15-4
CAS Name: 5-Methyl-1,3-benzenediol
Additional Names: 5-methylresorcinol; orcin; 3,5-dihydroxytoluene
Molecular Formula: C7H8O2
Molecular Weight: 124.14
Percent Composition: C 67.73%, H 6.50%, O 25.78%
Literature References: Occurs in many species of lichens: Sastry, Rao, Curr. Sci. 10, 437 (1941). Prepn: Anker, Cook, J. Chem. Soc. 1945, 311; Kisteneva, Rozhdestvenskii, Zh. Prikl. Khim. 22, 1108 (1949); Stevens, US 2603662 (1952 to Gulf); Zimmer, US 3028410 (1962 to Hooker Chem.). Toxicity studies: I. Veldre et al., Vopr. Gig. Tr. Prof. Patol. Est. SSR 2, 160 (1970), C.A. 74, 51746h (1971).
Derivative Type: Monohydrate
Properties: Crystals; sweet but unpleasant taste; reddens on exposure to air due to oxidation. mp about 58°; 107° when anhydr. bp 290°; bp14-20 165-170°; bp5 147°. Freely sol in water, alcohol, ether; less sol in benzene; slightly sol in chloroform or carbon disulfide. Keep well closed and protected from light. LD50 in mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs (mg/kg): 772, 844, 2400, 1678 orally (Veldre).
Melting point: mp about 58°; 107° when anhydr
Boiling point: bp 290°; bp14-20 165-170°; bp5 147°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs (mg/kg): 772, 844, 2400, 1678 orally (Veldre)
Use: As a reagent for pentoses, lignin, beet sugar, saccharoses, arabinose, diastase.

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