Oil of Geranium--East Indian
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Title: Oil of Geranium¾East Indian
Additional Names: Turkish geranium oil; palmarosa oil; Indian grass oil; rusa oil
Literature References: Volatile oil from Andropogon schoenanthus L., Gramineae, and allied species grown in India (not Turkey). Constit. 85-95% geraniol; citronellol, dipentene; it is practically devoid of esters.
Properties: Colorless or light yellow liquid; pleasant rose odor. d1515 0.885-0.896. aD +1.67 to -2°. nD20 1.476-1.4085.
Optical Rotation: aD +1.67 to -2°
Index of refraction: nD20 1.476-1.4085
Density: d1515 0.885-0.896

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