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Title: Morphenol
CAS Registry Number: 519-56-2
CAS Name: Phenanthro[4,5-bcd]furan-3-ol
Additional Names: 3-hydroxy-4,5-oxidophenanthrene; 3-hydroxy-4,5-phenanthrylene oxide
Molecular Formula: C14H8O2
Molecular Weight: 208.21
Percent Composition: C 80.76%, H 3.87%, O 15.37%
Literature References: First described by Vongerichten, Ber. 30, 2439 (1897). Prepn from morphine: Mosettig, Meitzner, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 56, 2738 (1934). Approach to synthesis: Dendy et al., J. Chem. Soc. 1963, 4040.
Properties: Needles from benzene, mp 145°. Sol in methanol, ethanol, ether. Sol in concd H2SO4 giving a yellow soln with green fluorescence; also sol in aq NaOH giving a yellow soln with blue fluorescence.
Melting point: mp 145°
Derivative Type: Methyl ether
Molecular Formula: C15H10O2
Molecular Weight: 222.24
Percent Composition: C 81.07%, H 4.54%, O 14.40%
Properties: mp 68°.
Melting point: mp 68°
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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