Methyl Chlorocarbonate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Methyl Chlorocarbonate
CAS Registry Number: 79-22-1
CAS Name: Carbonochloridic acid methyl ester
Additional Names: methyl chloroformate
Molecular Formula: C2H3ClO2
Molecular Weight: 94.50
Percent Composition: C 25.42%, H 3.20%, Cl 37.52%, O 33.86%
Line Formula: ClCO2CH3
Literature References: Made from phosgene and methyl alcohol.
Properties: Clear liquid. d420 1.223. bp 71°. Slightly sol in water and gradually dec by it; miscible with alcohol, benzene, chloroform, ether.
Boiling point: bp 71°
Density: d420 1.223
CAUTION: Vapors strongly irritating to eyes.

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