Methyl Carbamate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Methyl Carbamate
CAS Registry Number: 598-55-0
Additional Names: Urethylane; methylurethane
Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight: 75.07
Percent Composition: C 32.00%, H 6.71%, N 18.66%, O 42.63%
Line Formula: H2NCOOCH3
Literature References: Prepn from silver or mercuricyanate with H2S and methanol: Birkenbach, Kolb, Ber. 68, 901 (1935). From urea and methanol: DE 753127 (1940 to I.G. Farbenind.).
Properties: White crystals, mp 52-54°. bp 177°. Freely sublimes even at room temp. Freely sol in water, alcohol.
Melting point: mp 52-54°
Boiling point: bp 177°

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