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Title: Metepa
CAS Registry Number: 57-39-6
CAS Name: 1,1¢,1¢¢-Phosphinylidynetris[2-methylaziridine]
Additional Names: tris[2-methyl-1-aziridinyl]phosphine oxide; tris[1-methylethylene]phosphoric triamide; methyl aphoxide; methapoxide; MAPO
Molecular Formula: C9H18N3OP
Molecular Weight: 215.23
Percent Composition: C 50.22%, H 8.43%, N 19.52%, O 7.43%, P 14.39%
Literature References: Prepd by treatment of 2-methylethyleneimine with POCl3 in alk medium: Parke et al., US 2606902 (1952 to Am. Cyanamid). Toxicity study: Gaines, Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 14, 515 (1969).
Properties: Liquid, bp 90-92° (0.15-0.3 mm). LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): 136, 213 orally (Gaines).
Boiling point: bp 90-92° (0.15-0.3 mm)
Toxicity data: LD50 in male, female rats (mg/kg): 136, 213 orally (Gaines)
Use: Chemosterilant; in creaseproofing and flameproofing textiles.

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