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Title: Lanolin
CAS Registry Number: 8006-54-0
Additional Names: Wool fat; anydrous lanolin
Trademarks: Emery 1600 (Henkel)
Literature References: Refined form of wool wax, the unctuous secretion of the sebaceous glands of sheep which is deposited onto the wool fibers. Known since antiquity for its emollient properties. Chemically a wax consisting of a complex mixture of esters and polyesters of lanolin alcohols, q.v., and higher fatty acids, including a- and w-hydroxy acids. Lanolin can be separated by solvent fractionation into lanolin oil and lanolin wax. Analytical methods: C. W. Spilker, T. B. Richey, Cosmet. Perfum. 88, 43 (Sept. 1973). Discussion of lanolin allergy: R. Wolf, Dermatology 192, 198 (1996). Review of prepn, derivatives and uses: G. Barnett, Cosmet. Toiletries 101, 23-44 (Mar. 1986); J. Thewlis, Agro-Food-Ind. Hi-Tech 8, no. 3, 14-20 (1997).
Properties: Translucent, pale yellow, soft tenacious solid; slight odor or practically odorless. mp 38-42°. Sp gr at 25° 0.935. Iodine no. 27. Hydroxyl no. 32. Practically insol in water. Sparingly sol in cold, more in hot alcohol; freely sol in chloroform, ether.
Melting point: mp 38-42°
Derivative Type: Hydrous lanolin
Properties: Ointment base prepared by the addition of about 25-30% water. Yellowish-white unctuous mass; slight odor. Practically insol in water. Sol in chloroform or ether with the separation of the water.
Derivative Type: Acetylated lanolin
CAS Registry Number: 61788-48-5
Trademarks: Acylan (Croda); Fancol ACEL (Fanning); Modulan (Amerchol); Ritacetyl (R.I.T.A.)
Literature References: Prepn: L. I. Conrad, K. Motiuk, J. Soc. Cosmet. Chem. 6, 344 (1955).
Properties: Almost odorless, pale yellow, soft, unctuous solid. mp 36°. Sp gr at 25° 0.935. Iodine no. 27. Hydroxyl no. 2. Sol in mineral oils, in some vegetable oils. Readily dispersed in oil-in-water emulsions.
Melting point: mp 36°
Derivative Type: Lanolin oil
Additional Names: Liquid lanolin; dewaxed lanolin
Trademarks: Lanogene (Amerchol); Lantrol 1673 (Henkel); Ritalan (R.I.T.A.)
Properties: Amber viscous liquid. Odorless, tasteless. Sol in mineral oil. Rich in lower molecular weight, branched aliphatic acids and alcohols.
Derivative Type: Lanolin wax
Trademarks: Lanfrax (Henkel)
Properties: Light yellow waxy solid. Insol in water; emulsifies in ~3 parts water.
Use: Pharmaceutic aid (ointment base). Emulsifier, emollient, conditioner and lubricant in cosmetics and toiletries.

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