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Title: Khat
Additional Names: Chat; quat
Literature References: Leaves of Catha edulis Forsk., Celastraceae. Habit. East Africa, Arabia. Constit. Cathinone, norpseudoephedrine, q.q.v., (-)-norephedrine, cathidine, cathedulin. Widely used in E. Africa and Yemen as an amphetamine-like stimulant. Isoln and characterization of constituents: O. Wolfes, Arch. Pharm. 268, 81 (1930); H. Friebel, R. Brilla, Naturwissenschaften 50, 354 (1963); M. Cais et al., Tetrahedron 31, 2727 (1975); R. L. Baxter et al., Chem. Commun. 1976, 463. Isoln of cathinone, the major psychoactive alkaloid: X. Schorno, E. Steinegger, Experientia 35, 572 (1979). Review of botany, cultivation and use: A. Getahun, A. D. Krikorian, Econ. Bot. 27, 353-377 (1973); of chemistry: eidem, ibid. 378-389; of pharmacology and abuse potential: P. Nencini, A. M. Ahmed, Drug Alcohol Depend. 23, 19-29 (1989); P. Kalix, Pharm. World Sci. 18, 69-73 (1996).

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