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Title: Irone
CAS Registry Number: 1335-94-0
Additional Names: 6-Methylionone
Literature References: The fragrant principle of violets, best isolated from the rhizomes of iris or from orris oil: F. Tiemann, P. Kruger, Ber. 26, 2675 (1893); Ruzicka et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 16, 1143 (1933); Naves, Mazuyer, Les Parfums Naturels (Paris, 1939). Irone, as isolated, is an isomeric mixture of a-, b, and g-irones, q.q.v., with each having the same molecular formula, C14H22O. Synthesis of isomeric mixture: Eschinazi, US 3019265 (1962 to Givaudan).
Properties: Light yellow, slightly viscous liquid. Very stable, does not discolor. In dil alcoholic soln the characteristic odor of violets is best appreciated.
Use: In perfumery for orris and violet compositions.

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