Iron Sucrose
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Title: Iron Sucrose
CAS Registry Number: 8047-67-4
CAS Name: Iron saccharate
Additional Names: iron(III) hydroxide sucrose complex; saccharated ferric oxide
Trademarks: Ferrivenin (Fresenius); Venofer (Vifor)
Literature References: Composed of a polynuclear ferric hydroxide inner sphere surrounded by sucrose molecules; mol wt 34 to 60 kDa. Prepn: C. Mannich, C. A. Rojahn, Ber. Dtsch. Pharm. Ges. 32, 158 (1922); and use in i.v. treatment of anemia: H. G. B. Slack, J. F. Wilkinson, Lancet 256, 11, 163 (1949). Histological properties: P. Geisser et al., Arzneim.-Forsch. 42, 1439 (1992). Pharmacokinetics: B. G. Danielson et al., ibid. 46, 615 (1996). Clinical evaluation in dialysis-associated anemia: C. Charytan et al., Am. J. Kidney Dis. 37, 300 (2001). Review of clinical experience: J. Yee, A. Besarab, ibid. 40, 1111-1121 (2002).
Properties: Brown powder. Sol in water (pH 10.5 to 11.1; 1430 mOsm/l). LD50 in mice (mg Fe/kg): >2500 orally; >200 i.v. (Geisser).
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice (mg Fe/kg): >2500 orally; >200 i.v. (Geisser)
Therap-Cat: Hematinic.
Keywords: Hematinic.

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