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Title: Horse-radish
Additional Names: Raphanus rusticanus; Kren; Maliner Kren
Literature References: The root of Radicula armoracia (L.) Robinson [Cochlearia armoracia L.; Armoracia lopathifolia Gilib.; Roripa armoracia Hitch.; Nasturtium armoracia Fries], Cruciferae. Habit. Europe, naturalized in North America. Contains ascorbic acid and sinigrin which yields allyl isothiocyanate on hydrolysis with peroxidase or myrosinase, an enzyme from black mustard: Stoll, Seebeck, Helv. Chim. Acta 31, 1432 (1948).
Properties: Active ingredient of Rasapen, a urinary antiseptic.
Use: Condiment.

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