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Title: Glycyrrhiza
Additional Names: Licorice; liquorice; sweet root
Literature References: Dried rhizome and roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra L., var. typica Regel & Herder (Spanish licorice), or of G. glabra L., var. glandulifera (Waldst. & Kit.) Regel & Herder (Russian licorice), or of other varieties of G. glabra yielding a yellow and sweet wood, Leguminosae. Habit. Southern Europe to Central Asia. Constit. 6-14% glycyrrhizin (the glucoside of glycyrrhetic acid), asparagine, sugars, resin. Used chiefly in the form of glycyrrhiza syrup. Incompat. Acids, metallic salts.
Use: Extract and syrup as pharmaceutic aids (flavor and flavored vehicles).

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