Galactaric Acid
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Title: Galactaric Acid
CAS Registry Number: 526-99-8
Additional Names: Mucic acid; galactosaccharic acid; tetrahydroxyadipic acid; saccharolactic acid; Schleimsäure (German)
Molecular Formula: C6H10O8
Molecular Weight: 210.14
Percent Composition: C 34.29%, H 4.80%, O 60.91%
Literature References: Prepd by oxidation of lactose and of galactose: Kent, Tollens, Ann. 227, 221 (1885); Maurer, Drefahl, Ber. 75B, 1489 (1942). Manuf from wood sawdust: Acree, GB 160777 (1921). Review: B. A. Lewis et al., "Galactaric Acid and Its Derivatives" in Whistler, Wolfrom, Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry vol. II (Academic Press, New York, 1963) pp 38-46.
Properties: Cryst powder, dec ~255° when rapidly heated, also reported as 225°. Soluble in 300 parts cold water, 60 parts boiling water, alkalies; practically insol in alcohol, ether.
Derivative Type: Ammonium salt
Molecular Formula: (NH4)2C6H8O8
Molecular Weight: 244.20
Percent Composition: N 11.47%, H 6.60%, C 29.51%, O 52.41%
Properties: Acicular crystals. Soluble in water.
Use: Has been proposed to replace potassium bitartrate in baking powder and for manuf of granular effervescing salts.

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