Factor XI
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Factor XI
CAS Registry Number: 9013-55-2
CAS Name: Blood-coagulation factor XI
Additional Names: PTA; plasma thromboplastin antecedent
Literature References: Participates in the initial phases of blood coagulation. In normal plasma, factor XI is present in a precursor form and is converted to an active form, factor XIa, which in turn activates factor IX to factor IXa in the presence of Ca2+ ions: Ratnoff, Davie, Biochemistry 1, 677 (1962); Schiffman et al., Blood 22, 733 (1963); K. Fujikawa et al., Biochemistry 13, 4508 (1974). Deficiency is characterized by the moderate bleeding symptoms of hemophilia C; by pathological clotting and recalcification times, impaired prothrombin consumption, and delayed thromboplastin formation: Duckert, Soulier in New Blood Clotting Factors, I. S. Wright et al., Eds. (Schattauer-Verlag, Stuttgart, 1960) pp 145-147, 123-131. Review on bovine factor XI: T. Koide, Methods Enzymol. 45B, 65-73 (1976).

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