Ethyl Nitrite
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Title: Ethyl Nitrite
CAS Registry Number: 109-95-5
CAS Name: Nitrous acid ethyl ester
Additional Names: nitrous ether
Molecular Formula: C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight: 75.07
Percent Composition: C 32.00%, H 6.71%, N 18.66%, O 42.63%
Line Formula: C2H5ONO
Literature References: Prepd by the action of sodium nitrite on a mixture of alcohol and H2SO4 in the cold. The article of commerce contains 90-95% ethyl nitrite, the remainder is chiefly alcohol as preservative. Laboratory generation of ethyl nitrite gas by placing 20 liters of 90% ethanol in a suitable vessel, diluting with 200 liters of water, and while stirring, adding to the dil alc 18.3 kg of nitrosyl chloride at the rate of 2.25 kg per hour; see also Chase, US 2615896 (1952).
Properties: Colorless or yellowish, clear, flammable, exceedingly volatile liq. Characteristic odor; burning, sweetish taste. d1515 0.90. bp 17°. Slightly sol in water and dec by it; miscible with alcohol, ether. On keeping, it gradually dec, becoming acid and oxides of nitrogen form. Decompn is hastened by air, light, and moisture. Keep tightly closed, in a cool place, protected from light.
Boiling point: bp 17°
Density: d1515 0.90
Derivative Type: Spirit of Ethyl Nitrite
Additional Names: Spirit of nitrous ether; sweet spirit of niter
Literature References: An alcoholic soln containing 3.5-4.5% ethyl nitrite.
Properties: Pale yellow or faintly greenish-yellow, clear, mobile, volatile, flammable liquid; ethereal, pungent odor; sharp, burning taste. The ethyl nitrite evaporates rapidly; dec on exposure to air; dec in light. d not above 0.823 at 25°. Miscible with water and alcohol. Keep tightly closed, protected from light, in a cool place, remote from fire.
CAUTION: May cause methemoglobinemia and hypotension and, in high concns, narcosis.
Therap-Cat: Has been used as diaphoretic.

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