Devil's Claw
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Title: Devil's Claw
Literature References: Herbaceous, perennial plant, Harpagophyrum procumbens DC, Pedaliaceae, used in African traditional medicine as a bitter tonic, febrifuge and analgesic. Medicinal formulations are prepared from the dried secondary tubers. Habit. Kalahari savannas of southern Africa and Namibia. Constit. Iridoid glucosides, primarily harpagoside (the pharmacologically active component), harpagide and procumbide; sugars such as stachyose, raffinose, sucrose; caffeic and cinnamic acids. HPLC determn of active component in commercial extracts: L. Guillerault et al., J. Liq. Chromatogr. 17, 2951 (1994). Pharmacology: B. Baghdikian et al., Planta Med. 63, 171 (1997). Clinical comparison with diacerein, q.v., in osteoarthritis: P. Chantre et al., Phytomedicine 7, 177 (2000). Reviews of medicinal uses: S. Chrubasik, E. Eisenberg, Pain Clinic 11, 171-178 (1999); C. Hansen, Dtsch. Apoth. 140, 85-89 (2000).
Derivative Type: Dry extract
Trademarks: Arthrosetten (Hotz); Arthrotabs (Duopharm); Doloteffin (Ardeypharm); Herbadon (Mavena); Rivoltan (Lichtwer)
Therap-Cat: Analgesic.

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