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Title: Coparaffinate
CAS Registry Number: 8001-60-3
CAS Name: Isopar
Literature References: A mixture of water-insol isoparaffinic acids partially neutralized with hydroxybenzyldialiphatic amines. The water-insol isoparaffinic acids are obtained by oxidation of petroleum hydrocarbons by the passage of a current of oxygen under pressure at an elevated temp in the presence of a metal catalyst. The water-insol mono- and dicarboxylic acids with from 6 to 16 carbon atoms are separated and purified by fractional distillation. The hydroxybenzyldialiphatic amines are combined directly with the isoparaffinic acids or in suitable solvent. The latter is then removed by distillation: C. E. Earle, US 2262720 (1941).
Properties: Dark-brown, viscous, oily liq. Odor of burnt petroleum. d 0.970-0.980. Immiscible with water. Freely sol in alc, volatile and fixed oils. Marketed as a 17% ointment, which also contains 4% titanium dioxide in an ointment base consisting of beeswax, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, and petrolatum.
Density: d 0.970-0.980
Therap-Cat: Antifungal (topical).
Keywords: Antifungal (Synthetic).

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