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Title: Copal
CAS Registry Number: 9000-14-0
Additional Names: Resin copal; gum copal; anime (soft copal); kaurie; cowrie
Literature References: A resin found as a fossil in Zaire, or exuding from various species of Trachylobium, Hymenaea courbaril L., etc., Leguminosae. Occurs as hard or soft copals. Habit. Zanzibar, Mozambique, also S. America, Australia, Philippine Islands and West Indies. Constit. Zanzibar copal contains 80% trachylolic acid, 4% isotrachylolic acid, 6% resene and volatile oil. Kaurie copal contains dammaric acid, dammaran and a resin.
Properties: Yellowish to yellowish-brown pieces of various sizes; conchoidal fracture; odorless and tasteless. Hard copals are almost insol in usual solvents; soft copals are partly sol in alcohol, chloroform or glacial acetic acid; both copals after having been fused are sol in oil turpentine and linseed oil.
Use: In varnishes and cements; as substitute for amber; manuf oil cloths and linoleum. In dentistry, for modeling compds and cavity varnishes.

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