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Title: Collodion
Literature References: A soln of 4 g pyroxylin (chiefly nitrocellulose) in 100 ml of a mixture of 25 ml alcohol and 75 ml ether. Contains about 70% ether and 24% abs alc by vol.
Properties: Colorless, or slightly yellow, clear or slightly opalescent, syrupy liquid. Has the odor of ether. d2525 0.765-0.775. Exposed in thin layers, it evaporates leaving a tough, colorless film. On the addition of water the pyroxylin ppts.
Density: d2525 0.765-0.775
Derivative Type: Flexible collodion
Properties: Mixture of simple collodion with 2% camphor and 3% castor oil (by wt). Yellow syrupy liquid; contains about 67% ether and about 22% abs alcohol by volume.
Derivative Type: Styptic collodion
Properties: Mixture of flexible collodion with 18% tannic acid by wt. Contains about 61% ether and about 21% abs alcohol by volume.
CAUTION: Highly flammable! Keep tightly closed in a cool place and away from flame!
Use: Collodion in photography; manuf lacquers, patent and artificial leathers, artificial pearls; process engraving; in cements.
Therap-Cat: Collodion and flexible collodion as topical protectant; styptic collodion as hemostatic.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Skin protectant.
Keywords: Topical Protectant.

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