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Title: Chlorfenethol
CAS Registry Number: 80-06-8
CAS Name: 4-Chloro-a-(4-chlorophenyl)-a-methylbenzenemethanol
Additional Names: 4,4¢-dichloro-a-methylbenzhydrol; p,p¢-dichlorodiphenylmethyl carbinol; 1,1-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethanol; 1,1-bis(p-chlorophenyl)methyl carbinol; DMC; DCPC
Trademarks: Dimite (Sherwin-Williams)
Molecular Formula: C14H12Cl2O
Molecular Weight: 267.15
Percent Composition: C 62.94%, H 4.53%, Cl 26.54%, O 5.99%
Literature References: DDT Structural analog. Prepn: Ruthruff et al., US 2430586 (1947 to Sherwin-Williams); GB 831421 (1960 to Metal & Thermit). Activity: O. Grummitt, Science 111, 361 (1950).
Properties: Crystals from Skellysolve C, mp 69-69.5°. Sol in organic solvents. Practically insol in water.
Melting point: mp 69-69.5°
CAUTION: Effects similar to DDT: Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, R.E. Gosselin et al., Eds. (Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 5th ed., 1984) Section II, pp 284.
Use: Acaricide.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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