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Title: Capromab
CAS Registry Number: 151763-64-3
CAS Name: Anti-(human prostatic carinoma cell) immunoglobulin G1 (mouse monoclonal 7E11-C5.3 g1-chain) disulfide with mouse monoclonal 7E11-C5.3 light chain, dimer
Literature References: Murine monoclonal antibody directed against prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a transmembrane glycoprotein expressed by prostate epithelium. Designed for the detection of primary and metastatic prostate carcinoma. Prepn: J. S. Horoszewicz et al., Anticancer Res. 7, 927 (1987); idem, US 5162504 (1992 to Cytogen). Characterization and specificity of immunoconjugate: A. D. Lopes et al., Cancer Res. 50, 6423 (1990). Diagnostic use of labeled form in metastatic prostate cancer: M. J. Manyak et al., Urology 54, 1058 (1999). Review of clinical studies: R. T. Maguire et al., Cancer 72, 3453-3462 (1993); and pharmacology: H. M. Lamb, D. Faulds, Drugs Aging 12, 293-304 (1998). Review of diagnostic use: M. K. Haseman et al., Cancer Biother. Radiopharm. 15, 131-140 (2000).
Derivative Type: Capromab pendetide
CAS Registry Number: 145464-28-4
Additional Names: 7E11-C5.3-GYK-DTPA; 7E11-C5.3-glycyl-tyrosyl-(N-e-diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid)-lysine
Manufacturers' Codes: CYT-356
Trademarks: ProstaScint (Cytogen)
Literature References: Monoclonal antibody conjugated to a linker-chelator to enable radiolabeling. Prepd as hydrochloride and labeled with Indium 111In immediately before administration.
Therap-Cat: 111In-labeled form as diagnostic aid (radioactive tumor-targeting agent).

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