Calcium Thioglycollate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Calcium Thioglycollate
CAS Registry Number: 814-71-1
CAS Name: Mercaptoacetic acid calcium salt (2:1)
Trademarks: Depil (Calmic)
Molecular Formula: C4H6CaO4S2
Molecular Weight: 222.30
Percent Composition: C 21.61%, H 2.72%, Ca 18.03%, O 28.79%, S 28.85%
Literature References: Prepn: Hoshall, J. Assoc. Off. Agric. Chem. 23, 727 (1940).
Derivative Type: Trihydrate
CAS Registry Number: 5793-98-6
Properties: Prismatic rod crystals. Odorless or faint mercaptan odor; somewhat astringent and fetid taste. Slowly loses H2O above 95°, darkens at 220° and partially fuses with decompn at 280-290°. Sol in water; very slightly sol in alcohol, chloroform; practically insol in ether, petr ether, benzene. Solns readily absorb CO2 from air, pptg CaCO3. Keep well closed.
Use: Depilatory; tanning leather; in hair-waving prepns.

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