Calcium Stearate
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Title: Calcium Stearate
CAS Registry Number: 1592-23-0
CAS Name: Octadecanoic acid calcium salt
Additional Names: stearic acid calcium salt
Molecular Formula: C36H70CaO4
Molecular Weight: 607.02
Percent Composition: C 71.23%, H 11.62%, Ca 6.60%, O 10.54%
Literature References: The commercial prepn also contains palmitate. Prepn: Harrison, Biochem. J. 18, 1222 (1924); Kebrich, Petrot, US 2650932 (1953 to National Lead).
Properties: Granular, fatty powder. Bulk density ~20 lb/cu ft, mp 147-149° (determined by gradient bar). Practically insol in water, ether, chloroform, acetone, cold alcohol; slightly sol in hot alcohol, in hot vegetable and mineral oils; quite sol in hot pyridine.
Melting point: mp 147-149° (determined by gradient bar)
Density: Bulk density ~20 lb/cu ft
Use: For waterproofing fabrics, cement, stucco, explosives; as a releasing agent for plastic molding powders; as a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride resins; lubricant; in pencils and wax crayons. Food grade calcium stearate, derived from edible tallow, is used as a conditioning agent in certain food and pharmaceutical products.

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