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Title: Bohrium
CAS Registry Number: 54037-14-8
Additional Names: Element 107; nielsbohrium; unnilseptium
Literature References: Bh, Ns, Uns; at. no. 107. Group VIIB(7). No stable nuclides. Known isotopes: 261, 262, 262m, 266, 267. Prepn of a-emitting isotope 261107 by 209Bi (54Cr,2n); decay by spontaneous fission, T½ 1-2 msec: Y. T. Organessian et al., Nucl. Phys. A 273, 505 (1976); G. N. Flerov, C.A. 87, 173830v (1977); A. S. Iljinov et al., Report JINR-E-7-9686 (1976), C.A. 90, 62354k (1979). Prepn of isotopes including 262107 (T½ 102 ±26 msec, a-emitter) by 209Bi (54Cr,1n): G. Münzenberg, et al., Z. Phys. A300, 107 (1981); and revised T½ 11.8 msec for 261107: eidem, ibid. A333, 163 (1989). Chemical characterization of 6 isotopes as bohrium oxychloride: R. Eichler et al., Nature 407, 63 (2000). Review of history, prepn and properties: R. J. Silva in The Chemistry of the Actinide Elements vol. 2, J. J. Katz et al., Eds. (Chapman and Hall, New York, 1986) pp 1110-1112; N. Flerov, G. M. Ter-Akopian Prog. Particle Nucl. Phys. 19, 197-239 (1987); G. T. Seaborg, W. D. Loveland, The Elements Beyond Uranium (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1990) p 56-57. Brief review of properties and prepn of 267Bh (T½ 17 sec): R. F. Service, Science 289, 1270 (2000).

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