Bismuth Ethyl Camphorate
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Title: Bismuth Ethyl Camphorate
CAS Registry Number: 52951-37-8
CAS Name: d-Camphoric acid ethyl ester bismuth salt
Additional Names: bismuth(III) salt of d-camphoric acid monoethyl ester
Molecular Formula: C36H57BiO12
Molecular Weight: 890.81
Percent Composition: C 48.54%, H 6.45%, Bi 23.46%, O 21.55%
Literature References: Prepd from sodium ethyl camphorate and bismuth nitrate: W. M. Lauter, H. A. Braun, J. Am. Pharm. Assoc. 25, 394 (1936).
Properties: Amorphous solid, faint aromatic odor. Softens at 55°. mp 61-67° (clear melt). Practically insol in water. Sol in chloroform, ether, ethylene dichloride, oils. The soly in vegetable oils is increased by the addition of camphor. MLD i.m. in rats: 250 mg Bi/kg (Lauter, Braun).
Melting point: mp 61-67° (clear melt)
Toxicity data: MLD i.m. in rats: 250 mg Bi/kg (Lauter, Braun)
Therap-Cat: Formerly as antisyphilitic.

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