Bis(1-methylamyl) Sodium Sulfosuccinate
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Title: Bis(1-methylamyl) Sodium Sulfosuccinate
CAS Registry Number: 6001-97-4
CAS Name: Sulfobutanedioic acid 1,4-bis(1-methylpentyl) ester sodium salt
Additional Names: dihexyl sodium sulfosuccinate
Trademarks: Aerosol MA; Alphasol MA
Molecular Formula: C16H29NaO7S
Molecular Weight: 388.45
Percent Composition: C 49.47%, H 7.52%, Na 5.92%, O 28.83%, S 8.25%
Literature References: The bis(1-methylamyl) ester of sulfosuccinic acid monosodium salt, perhaps in admixture with the dihexyl ester. Prepd by the action of the appropriate alcohols on maleic anhydride followed by addition of sodium bisulfite: A. O. Jaeger, US 2028091; US 2176423 (1936, 1939 both to Am. Cyanamid); FR 776495 (1935 to Selden Co.).
Properties: Available as white, slightly hygroscopic, wax-like pellets. Must be soaked to dissolve in cold water. Dissolves rapidly in hot water. Solubility in water at 25° = 343 g/l; at 70° = 447 g/l. Maximum concn of electrolyte soln in which 1% of the wetting agent is sol: 2% NaCl; 2% NH4Cl; 14% (NH4)2HPO4; 3% NaNO3 (slightly turbid); 3% Na2SO4. Also sol in pine oil, oleic acid, acetone, kerosene, carbon tetrachloride, 2B ethanol, benzene, hot olive oil, glycerol. Insol in liquid petrolatum. Stable in acid and neutral solns, hydrolyzes in alkaline solns.
Use: Wetting agent.

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