Bethanechol Chloride
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Title: Bethanechol Chloride
CAS Registry Number: 590-63-6
CAS Name: 2-[(Aminocarbonyl)oxy]-N,N,N-trimethyl-1-propanaminium chloride
Additional Names: (2-hydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium chloride carbamate; 2-carbamoyloxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride; carbamylmethylcholine chloride; b-methylcholine chloride urethan
Trademarks: Duvoid (Shire); Myocholine (Glenwood); Myotonine (Glenwood); Urecholine (Merck & Co.)
Molecular Formula: C7H17ClN2O2
Molecular Weight: 196.68
Percent Composition: C 42.75%, H 8.71%, Cl 18.03%, N 14.24%, O 16.27%
Literature References: Prepn: Dalmer, Diehl, US 1894162 (1933); Major, Bonnett, US 2322375 (1943 to Merck & Co.). 1H-NMR determn in tablets: G. M. Hanna, C. A. Lau-Cam, J. Assoc. Off. Anal. Chem. 70, 557 (1987). Clinical trial in postoperative urinary retention: L. Gottesman et al., Dis. Colon Rectum 32, 867 (1989).
Properties: Hygroscopic crystals, slight amine odor, dec 218-219°. One gram dissolves in 0.6 ml of water, in 12.5 ml of 95% alc. pH of an 0.5% aq soln 5.5-6.0. Aq solns may be sterilized by autoclaving at 120° for 20 minutes.
Therap-Cat: Cholinergic; in treatment of urinary retention.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Cholinergic.
Keywords: Cholinergic.

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