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Title: Aspergillin
Literature References: The inappropriate designation of a number of different antibacterial agents produced by Aspergilli as "aspergillin" has resulted in confusion. The legitimate contender for this name by prior use is an allomelanin produced by mature spores of A. niger: Hugouneng, Florence, Bull. Soc. Chim. Biol. 2, 133 (1920). This pigment is a mixture of chemically similar macromolecules of which the fundamental monomer is probably the perylene unit substituted with several oxygenated functions. Review: R. A. Nicolaus, Melanins (Hermann, Paris, 1968) pp 130-142.
Properties: Dried pigment, as shiny black blocks, does not melt but decomposes above 200°. Slightly sol in polar solvents. uv max (2% aqueous soln): 295, 450 nm.
Absorption maximum: uv max (2% aqueous soln): 295, 450 nm

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