Ammonium Cobaltous Phosphate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Ammonium Cobaltous Phosphate
CAS Registry Number: 14590-13-7
Additional Names: Cobaltous ammonium phosphate
Molecular Formula: CoH4NO4P
Molecular Weight: 171.94
Percent Composition: Co 34.28%, H 2.34%, N 8.15%, O 37.22%, P 18.01%
Line Formula: NH4CoPO4
Literature References: Prepd by reaction of a cobaltous salt with (NH4)3PO4, (NH4)2HPO4, or H3PO4 and NH3: Grat-Cabanac, Bull. Microsc. Appl. 8, 97 (1958); Salutsky et al.; McCullogh, Salutsky, US 3126254; US 3141732 (both 1964 to W. R. Grace).
Properties: Hydrate, red to violet powder, or monoclinic rectangular lamellae. Practically insol in water. Sol in acids.
Use: As pigment in ceramic glazes and vitreous enamels; as temp indicator in textile industry; in fertilizers for plant nutrition; in Co analysis.

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