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Title: Ammoniacum
CAS Registry Number: 9000-03-7
CAS Name: Gum ammoniac
Literature References: A gum-resin exuded from the flowering and fruiting stem of Dorema ammoniacum, D. Don, and probably other Umbelliferae. Habit. Persia, Northern India, Southern Siberia, Africa. Constit. 1.3-6.7% volatile oil; 50-70% resin; 18-26% gum; ash content about 2%, may be as high as 10%; salicylic acid; aminoresinol. Ref: W. Sandermann, Naturharze, Terpentinöl, Tallöl (Springer, 1960) pp 82-83.
Properties: Irregular rounded tears, yellowish or brownish outside and whitish within; brittle when cold, but soft when warm; also masses, darker in color and less homogeneous; peculiar odor; slightly sweetish, bitter, somewhat acrid taste. mp 45-55°. Acid no. 60-80. Sapon no. 97-114. d 1.207. Partly soluble in water, alcohol, ether, vinegar or alkali soln; forms emulsions with water.
Melting point: mp 45-55°
Density: d 1.207
Use: Ingredient of porcelain cements.
Therap-Cat: Diaphoretic; emmenagogue.

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