Aluminum Calcium Hydride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Aluminum Calcium Hydride
CAS Registry Number: 16941-10-9
CAS Name: Calcium tetrahydroaluminate
Additional Names: calcium aluminum hydride
Molecular Formula: Al2CaH8
Molecular Weight: 102.10
Percent Composition: Al 52.85%, Ca 39.25%, H 7.90%
Line Formula: Ca(AlH4)2
Literature References: Prepd by the interaction of aluminum chloride and calcium hydride in tetrahydrofuran: Schwab, Wintersberger, Z. Naturforsch. 8b, 690 (1953); Conn, Taylor, US 2999005 (1961 to Merck & Co.).
Properties: Slate-gray mass. The dry pulverized material can ignite spontaneously in moist air and is best handled under dry nitrogen. Reacts violently with water, the ensuing conflagration resembles a display of fireworks. Slightly less violent reaction with alcohols. Sol in dry tetrahydrofuran. Practically insol in dry ether, dioxane, benzene.
Use: Reducing agent for aldehydes, ketones, acid chlorides. Also in the reduction of esters to alcohols, nitriles to amines, aromatic nitro compounds to azo compounds.

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