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Title: Alefacept
CAS Registry Number: 222535-22-0
CAS Name: 1-92-LFA-3 (antigen) (human) fusion protein with immunoglobulin G1 (human hinge-CH2-CH3 g1-chain), dimer
Additional Names: human LFA-3-IgG1 fusion protein; LFA3TIP
Manufacturers' Codes: BG-9273; BG-9712
Trademarks: Amevive (Biogen)
Literature References: Recombinant fusion protein consisting of the first extracellular domain of human leukocyte function-associated antigen-3 (LFA-3) fused to the hinge and CH2 and CH3 sequences of human IgG1. Expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells; secreted as a glycosylated dimer, mol wt ~110 kDa. Antagonist at the CD2 receptor on T-lymphocytes and NK cells; inhibits T-cell proliferation. Prepn: B. P. Wallner et al., EP 503648; eidem, US 5547853 (1992, 1996 both to Biogen); and binding study: G. T. Miller et al., J. Exp. Med. 178, 211 (1993). Pharmacology and ELISA determn in serum: P. L. Chisholm et al., Ther. Immunol. 1, 205 (1994). Effect of glycosylation on pharmacokinetics: W. Meier et al., ibid. 2, 159 (1995). Mechanism of action study: F. Chamian et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102, 2075 (2005). Clinical trial in psoriasis: C. N. Ellis et al., N. Engl. J. Med. 345, 248 (2001). Safety profile: B. Goffe et al., Clin. Ther. 27, 1912 (2005). Review of clinical development in psoriasis: R. G. Langley et al., Expert Opin. Pharmacother. 6, 2327-2333 (2005).
Therap-Cat: Antipsoriatic; immunosuppressant.
Keywords: Antipsoriatic; Immunosuppressant.

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