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Title: Albumen
Additional Names: Egg white; dried egg white
Literature References: By convention the pure protein is spelled "albumin" and commercial egg white is called "albumen". The word "albumen" goes back to Roman times and is classical Latin for egg white: Ref: Plinius (Major), Historia Naturalis 28, 6, 18 paragraph 66. Constitutes about six parts by weight of a hen's egg (wet basis). Average weight of raw egg white 32.9 g. Albumen contains 75% ovalbumin, (q.v.), ovoconalbumin, ovomucoid, ovomucin, ovoglobulin, lysozyme, (q.v.) and avidin, (q.v.). Monograph: A. L. Romanoff, A. J. Romanoff, The Avian Egg (Wiley, New York, 1949) 918 pp.
Derivative Type: Raw egg albumen
Properties: Clear, colloidal, flowing, limpid mass. White rubbery solid when denatured. d2525 1.035. nD25 1.356. Coagulating temp 61°. mp -0.42°. pH 7.6.
Melting point: mp -0.42°
Index of refraction: nD25 1.356
Density: d2525 1.035
Derivative Type: Dried albumen
Properties: Yellow, transparent, amorphous lumps or scales, or yellow powder. Decomposes in moist air. In water it swells at first, then dissolves gradually. The soln coagulates at 61° (because of denaturation of the proteins). Albumen solns are also denatured on contact with the following chemicals: Salts of copper, iron, mercury and silver; H2O2, phenol, picric acid, alum, tannic acid, formaldehyde, ether, alcohol.
Use: For clarifying and refining wines and vinegars. As textile dye mordant, in lithography as vehicle for substances that sensitize plates, in gilding leather (Venetian decorations), stamping with gold and bronze powder (especially in book binding). In adhesives and veneers. Ingredient of compositions used in sizing and in making papers. In fine color preparations for artist's paints. As activating agent for certain enzymes. Formerly in sugar refining. Ingredient of bakery products, confectionery, food preparations. In pharmaceutical compounding, i.e. to make various albuminates. As analytical reagent in testing for ionic mercury, foreign oil in olive oil, candy or wine colorings.
Therap-Cat: Antidote to mercury poisoning.
Keywords: Antidote (Heavy Metal Poisoning).

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