Agaricic Acid
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Title: Agaricic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 666-99-9
CAS Name: 2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-nonadecanetricarboxylic acid
Additional Names: agaric acid; agaricin; agaricinic acid; laricic acid; n-hexadecylcitric acid; a-cetylcitric acid
Molecular Formula: C22H40O7
Molecular Weight: 416.55
Percent Composition: C 63.43%, H 9.68%, O 26.89%
Literature References: Active principle of Fomes laricis (Jacq.) Murrill (Polyporus officinalis Fries), Polyporaceae: Thoms, Vogelsang, Ann. 357, 145 (1907). Attempted syntheses: Evans, J. Chem. Soc. 1959, 1313; Graf, Liu, Arch. Pharm. 306, 366 (1973). Activity studies: Bacchi et al., J. Bacteriol. 98, 23 (1969).
Properties: Sesquihydrate, odorless, almost tasteless, crystalline powder. Anhydrous, mp 142° (dec). [a]D19 -9° (NaOH). Slightly sol in cold water, chloroform or ether; freely sol in boiling water, alkalies, hot glacial acetic acid. One gram dissolves in 180 ml cold, 10 ml boiling alcohol.
Melting point: mp 142° (dec)
Optical Rotation: [a]D19 -9° (NaOH)
NOTE: The name agaric acid has also been used for a lanostane-like mixture [C.A. 68, 29894j (1968)].
Use: Has been used as antiperspirant.

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