Aconitum Ferox
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Title: Aconitum Ferox
Additional Names: Indian aconite; bish; visha; bishma; bikhroot
Literature References: Tuber of Aconitum ferox Wall., Ranunculaceae. Habit. Nepal, Himalaya Mountains, India. Constit. Pseudoaconitine. Most powerful of all the aconites. Used by natives as arrow poison in big game hunting; in neuralgia and rheumatism. Ref: Aconite, A. Ph. A. Monograph no. 1, p 78 and passim (Am. Pharm. Assoc., Washington, D.C., 1938); N. B. Dutt, Indian J. Pharm. 1, 81-84 (1939); C.A. 34, 6768 (1940).
CAUTION: Extremely toxic. A very small dose can cause fatal cardiac depression.

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