Acetyl Nitrate
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Title: Acetyl Nitrate
CAS Registry Number: 591-09-3
CAS Name: Acetic acid anhydride with nitric acid
Molecular Formula: C2H3NO4
Molecular Weight: 105.05
Percent Composition: C 22.87%, H 2.88%, N 13.33%, O 60.92%
Line Formula: CH3COONO2
Literature References: Prepn from acetic anhydride and N2O5: Boh, Ann. Chim. [11] 20, 437 (1945).
Properties: Fuming, mobile, hygroscopic liquid. Should be colorless. d415 1.24. bp70 22°. Although it may be stored in the dark over P2O5 for the weekend, it should be used in statu nascendi to avoid explosions. Always explodes when heated suddenly over 60° or when in contact with HgO. Explosions have occurred upon contact with ground glass surfaces: König, Angew. Chem. 67, 157 (1955).
Boiling point: bp70 22°
Density: d415 1.24
CAUTION: Irritant, corrosive.
Use: In nitrations, especially to introduce a single nitro group in an ortho position on an aromatic ring.

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