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Title: 4,4¢-Oxydi-2-butanol
CAS Registry Number: 821-33-0
CAS Name: 4,4¢-Oxybis[2-butanol]
Additional Names: 3,3¢-dihydroxydibutyl ether; bis[3-hydroxybutyl] ether; DHBE
Trademarks: Diskin; Dyskinébyl (Saunier); Dis-Cinil (Lusofarmaco); Colenormol
Molecular Formula: C8H18O3
Molecular Weight: 162.23
Percent Composition: C 59.23%, H 11.18%, O 29.59%
Literature References: Prepn: Joulty, FR 1267084 (1960). Action on bile flow: Bornmann, Arzneim.-Forsch. 2, 122 (1952). Use as choleretic and antispasmodic: Albot, Toulet, Presse Med. 67, 2053 (1959). General pharmacological properties: Fregnan, Porta, Arzneim.-Forsch. 26, 2116 (1976).
Properties: Clear, almost colorless, bitter fluid. Miscible with water.
Therap-Cat: Choleretic.
Keywords: Choleretic.

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