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Title: 2-Ethoxynaphthalene
CAS Registry Number: 93-18-5
Additional Names: Ethyl b-naphthyl ether; ethyl b-naphtholate; nerolin "new"; b-naphthyl ethyl ether
Trademarks: Bromelia
Molecular Formula: C12H12O
Molecular Weight: 172.22
Percent Composition: C 83.69%, H 7.02%, O 9.29%
Literature References: Prepd by heating b-naphthol with potassium ethyl sulfate, or with alcohol and H2SO4: Yokoyama et al., Yakugaku Zasshi 78, 123 (1958); C.A. 52, 10986c (1958); from b-naphthol + p-toluenesulfonyl chloride + ethyl alcohol: Drakowzal, Klamann, Monatsh. Chem. 82, 588 (1951); from b-naphthol + H2SO4 + ethyl acetate: Patai, Bentov, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, 6118 (1952); from b-naphthol + triethylphosphate + p-toluenesulfonic acid: Bell, US 2683748 (1954 to Eastman Kodak).
Properties: Lustrous crystals, mp 37-38°. bp 28.2°. nD47.3 1.5932. d2020 1.0640. Practically insol in water. Sol in alcohol, chloroform, ether, carbon disulfide, toluene, petr ether.
Melting point: mp 37-38°
Boiling point: bp 28.2°
Index of refraction: nD47.3 1.5932
Density: d2020 1.0640
Use: In perfumery.

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