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Title: 2,3-Dimethyl-1,3-butadiene
CAS Registry Number: 513-81-5
Additional Names: Diisopropenyl; b,g-dimethyl-D-a,g-butadiene
Molecular Formula: C6H10
Molecular Weight: 82.14
Percent Composition: C 87.73%, H 12.27%
Literature References: Occurs in the 66-70° fraction of Puertollano shale oil. Prepd by slow distillation of anhydr pinacol in the presence of hydrobromic acid: Allen, Bell, Org. Synth. coll. vol. III, 312; by rapid distillation of anhydr pinacol over alumina at 420-470°: Newton, Coburn, ibid. 313.
Properties: Liquid. d2020 0.7273; d420 0.7267; d425 0.7222. mp -76°. bp769 69.2°; bp760 68.8°. nD25 1.4362.
Melting point: mp -76°
Boiling point: bp769 69.2°; bp760 68.8°
Index of refraction: nD25 1.4362
Density: d2020 0.7273; d420 0.7267; d425 0.7222
Use: In the manuf of synthetic rubber and polymers.

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