Compound Benzoin Tincture
» Prepare Compound Benzoin Tincture as follows.
Benzoin, in moderately coarse powder 100 g
Aloe, in moderately coarse powder 20 g
Storax 80 g
Tolu Balsam 40 g
To make 1000 mL
Prepare a Tincture by Process M (see Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms 1151), using alcohol as the menstruum.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and to excessive heat.
Labeling— Label it to indicate that it is flammable.
Specific gravity 841: between 0.870 and 0.885.
Limit of nonvolatile residue— Evaporate 3 mL of Tincture in a suitable tared dish on a steam bath, and dry the residue at 100 for 2 hours: the weight of the residue is between 525 mg and 675 mg.
Alcohol content, Method II 611: between 74.0% and 80.0% of C2H5OH, the dilution to approximately 2% alcohol being made with methanol instead of with water.
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