Stronger Rose Water
»Stronger Rose Water is a saturated solution of the odoriferous principles of the flowers of Rosa centifolia Linné (Fam. Rosaceae) prepared by distilling the fresh flowers with water and separating the excess volatile oil from the clear, water portion of the distillate.
[note—Stronger Rose Water, diluted with an equal volume of purified water, may be supplied when “Rose Water” is required. ]
Packaging and storage— The odor of Stronger Rose Water is best preserved by allowing a limited access of fresh air to the container.
Reaction: neutral or acid to litmus.
Residue on evaporation— Evaporate 100 mL on a steam bath, and dry the residue at 105 for 1 hour: not more than 15 mg of residue remains (0.015%).
Heavy metals, Method I 231 Add 2 mL of 1 N acetic acid to 10 mL of Stronger Rose Water, and add water to make 25 mL: the limit is 2 ppm.
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