Powdered Opium
» Powdered Opium is Opium dried at a temperature not exceeding 70, and reduced to a very fine powder.
Powdered Opium yields not less than 10.0 percent and not more than 10.5 percent of anhydrous morphine. It may contain any of the diluents, with the exception of starch, permitted for powdered extracts under Extracts 1151.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in well-closed containers.
Botanic characteristics— Consists chiefly of yellowish brown to yellow, more or less irregular and granular fragments of latex, varying from 15 to 150 µm in diameter; a few fragments of strongly lignified, thick-walled, 4- to 5-sided or narrowly elongated, epidermal cells of the poppy capsule; very few fragments of tissues of poppy leaves, poppy capsules, and, occasionally, Rumex fruits. In addition, there will be the microscopic characteristics of the diluent if any has been used in the preparation of the powder.
Assay— Proceed with Powdered Opium as directed in the Assay under Opium.
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Monograph Maged H. Sharaf, Ph.D.
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(DS2010) Monographs - Dietary Supplements
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